I created this ebook to teach people how to create ombre brows. Inside are tips and tools on how to manage an appointment from the moment your client walks in the door to the moment they walk out. So whether you work for someone doing microblading, have your own business, or about to start one, the information provided in this ebook can apply to all. 

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Microblading Manassas, VA

Microblading – Tooth Gems – Eyebrow tattoo

What exactly is Microblading? There are so many people the world getting this done, but is Microblading right for you? Nine times out of ten, Microblading works for everyone. But there are some cases where I would not recommend it. To see if you qualify, make sure to contact me before booking your appointment.

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“Whether it`s saving you 20 minutes from doing your brows or getting your skin to look it`s absolute best, I`m all about helping you love what`s in the mirror when you`re looking at it.”

– Yany Linares,

Owner of Brows 2 Slay



Microblading Manassas, Va

Permanent Brows • Lash Lift & Tint • Tooth Gems and more!


You may know microblading by other names like machine hair strokes or embroidery. Before you have Brows 2 Slay with a consultation is set up to talk details about everything. We Discuss which brow method would best complement your facial features to the types of numbing creams being used on each client. 

henna brow

Henna Brows adds depth and a fuller appearance to your brows. It is also a great choice to test out if you are not sure what eyebrow shape you want to commit to with permanent brows. This fast treatment last two weeks depending on your daily activities. The products used for henna brows are vegan and cruelty free.

Lash Lift & Tint

A painless and fast treatment! This replaces the use of a lash curler. With a vegan and cruelty free two step system your lashes will stand up and look longer. It is often paired with a tint to enhance the effect.  The results last 6 to 8 weeks before your have a full new lash cycle kicks in.

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